Can we process parallel H1B petition approved long back 2011 in two company

My H1B petition got approved with my previous employer (I129) on 21-Jan-2011 and still the status in USCIS shows as Approved status (which means still active). My visa was not stamped and only i hold I797B form with petition number with me till now and I never travelled to US in H1B till date.

My Current employer is willing to do transfer of H1B and then go for visa processing.

Question: But My current employer looks like will take more time say around february of 2017 to initiate the process. In this situation can I go with any other employer or consultant in parallel to do transfer of H1B and then visa processing in parallel.

Basically i need to utilize these petition in some way. So please advise whether I can do the petition processing with current employer and any other employer parallel.

Please note i am in India currently.

One or more employers can file cap-exempt petition for you using the old petition as reference. These new petitions can be filed one after another or in parallel - doesn’t matter.