Can we leave USA for 2 to 3 years while GC is filed but PERM itself is not approved?


Good Evening.

i am working in USA for an Indian Organization and my company wants to file GC by Jan 2020.
but as part of work, i might need to leave USA on March or April 2020 , will be going to another county and planning to comeback on April or May 2022 to USA, and my questions are

  1. When i come in 2022, the GC which got filed on Jan 2020 will be still valid then and they continue same GC ? if so , chances are high that i might have got EAD by then?
  2. if they are not considering the old GC at my return in 2022, does old GC will impact the new GC which will get applied in 2022?

please help me in taking correct next steps ,appreciate your help.


What exactly Green Card Stage are you in ?

Hi,its not filed yet, it will get filled in Jan 2020

The process is long, it can take really long time. There is something called as priority date, which is basically when you get in the line. You retain that slot, if you get I-140 approved, so to get I-140 approved, it takes about a year from they start the process…they can file it as future employment too…the whole thing is, priority date becoming current. read online on Green Card process, you will idea…