can we H1B transfer using Receipt Number ?

Hi ,

am on L1B which will Maxout by end of this year and so my employer applied for H1B. Petition was selected in lottery and I am still waiting for Approval…

EAC13142520**… series…

I plan on switching to a different employer. While I am waiting for approval, assuming that i get an offer can I ask my new employer to initiate transfer on basis of H1b Receipt ? Is this possible ?

The new employer can file cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) only after the current petition has been approved. They cannot do it while the first petition has not been approved. Once approved, they can file the new petition using just the receipt number (although having approval copy is better).

@Saurabh…If I get separated from current employer A with receipt no…and started working with employer B.Is there any possibility that employer A withdraw my H1b petition before approval and I will not eligible for cap exempt case with employer B.

They can withdraw the petition as per their will. However, B’s cap-exempt petition would not be impacted by this.