Can we fill multiple DS-160 forms?

I have submitted DS-160 form yesterday and got confirmation with CEAC Bar code for scheduling appointment. The thing what Iam worrying is, in the Place of Birth I mentioned city which is near to my village (My passport also showing village name as place of birth). This happened becoz, under the Place of Birth heading in the DS-160 form, two fields given with field names like city: country: , By seeing city field I interpreted it as I should fill up near by known city instead of village unknown and filled my town / mandal name. Is it create any problem in the interview?

Can I explian the same to Visa interview with old DS-160 Or else [b]can I go for new DS-160 form with entry of actual place of birth as village[/b] and pay the fees and scheduling appointment with new DS-160. [b]If we have two DS-160 forms, is it creates any problem in the interview point of view[/b].


Please guide me any body. Your help would defnitely be appreacited.

If you have not taken appointment, no problem.You can fill another Ds 160 form. Use the correct form for taking Appointment

In the entire question you have omitted the important parameter. Have you taken the appointment or not

Or have you paid the fees but not taken the appointment

Evenif you you have taken the appointment , there is a way out.

First state the facts properly

I am facing problem in second category… Submitted DS-160 with wrong place of birth, scheduled an appointmed and done with biometrics… How can I rectify this plz ans

Hi Sirishach,

What happened with your interview? I am facing the same problem.




I am facing the same problem and i have already taken the appointment. What is the way out?


on the biometric date , explain the facts to person at counter. He/ She will ask you yr security answer and make the correction in form before interview