Can we delay the new H1-B joining ?


I have applied for new H1-B this time within cap. While filling the H1-B application, we have mentioned joining date as 1st October, 2012. The same date is mentioned in my offer letter.

For some personal reason, I would like to delay the joining by 15 days i.e. I want to join new company on 15th October. I have my valid L1 visa till next year so for those 15 days I would like to be on L1 with previous company.

Can anybody please tell me if this is possible and legal ? Is there any way to make it happen ?

Thanks in advance.


If you are in the US and your H1B was approved w/ COS, then you will assume H1B status on 1st October automatically. Thus you are supposed to start working with the H1B employer on the same date.

Thanks Sujith.