Can we create a new ds-160 form after appointment got scheduled??

i have filled and submitted ds160 form for my wife(h4 visa) and booked the visa appointment also by paying the visa fee

i got appointment confirmation with ds160 number on it with OFC and Visa Interview dates on it.

Now after booking the slot …i got my client ammendement approved and got new i797 with new EAC no.(my submitted ds160 has my old i797 EAC number from the same employer)

So some of friends suggested to create a new ds160 form with the new EAC no.(petition/application no)

My question is :

i filled a new ds160 form and submited it and took a confirmation of it.But when am trying to change the ds160 number in ustraveldocs website ( it is erroring out with below error

"error occurred while loading a visualforce page " contacted Custumer care but no use.

But now i have a appointment confirmation with old ds-160 on it .

So how to proceed?? how the new ds160 will be associated with the profile and the booking date?

Anyhelp would be highly appreciated

You have to call the OFC terminal. They can help you void the last interview date and schedule a new one.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar; wwwDOThopeforhumanityglobalDOTorg;