Can we change the H1B petition information after DS-160 is Submitted and fee is paid but no appointment taken

I have submitted DS-160 and paid the required visa stamping fee, when I was working for employer - “ABC”. But I never traveled since then and could not get my visa stamped due to the non-availability of dropbox appointments.

Now I have changed my employer to “XYZ” and planning to go to India. I have the following doubts:

Can I change the H1B visa petition information? for example - Submit a new DS-160 having the latest new employer’s approved H1B petition info and update my profile with the newly submitted DS-160. But I have doubt that - Do I have to pay the fee again?

What if I take an appointment with the currently submitted DS-160(Having old employer’s H1B petition refernec) and get visa stamped?

Is there any way I can use the existing visa fee payment receipt for the new DS-160? Or I have to get new fee payment receipt?

Thanks in Advance.

If it is more than 30 days you submitted the DS160, you can simply fill out a new DS160. You dont need to pay visa fees again. Just carry the confirmation page from the new and old DS160 to your appointment.

You shouldn’t if you changed the employer and working with new employer already.

Thanks Kalpesh for sharing this with me. I also called the US Traveldocs India helpline and this time they also gave the same solution. Previously their answers were not that clear.

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