Can we attend client meetings with B2 admission into US but with a Valid B1/B2 Visa?


I am working in India for an MNC. I have a Valid B1/B2 Visa (Multiple entry, 10 year validity). I went to US in the month of May and I was Admitted with B1 to attend trainings/meetings with my Client on behalf of my employer and returned back by end of May.

I again went to US in the month of July for the same purpose, But this time they admitted me with B2 even though I told them that I came to attend meeting with my client. I realized it only after my Transit gate. I checked with my Employer’s Visa department but did not get proper response. I am just curious to know if it would have been of any problem that I attend trainings/meetings with my client on behalf of my Employer.

It would be great if I get some insight into this situation.

I think it should be fine.

Thanks you Saurabh!! Just one more thing. What could be the reason why they had admitted me with B2?

I don’t know why they would do that. May be a mistake.

Oh thats unfortunate of me… Thanks Saurabh for your clarification!!