Can we apply for H1B transfer while the extension is in progress

My petition expires on Oct 31 , 2016. My current employer applied for extension through normal process in July .

The normal extension process takes more than 5 months.

I got offer from a different company and they are willing to transfer in premium.

Can i transfer my Current petition which expires on Oct 31 while the extension is in progress.

Yes, you can do that. As long as you do this prior to Oct 31, you should be fine and not impacted by the pending H-1 extension petition.

Thanks. Do i need the EAC or receipt number of the current extension.

As the current I-94 has not expired, you don’t need to submit extension receipt. Just the original approval copy should be fine.

Does my current extension get effected by the transfer status?

It should not be impacted by it and they may happen in parallel.