Can two different employers file H1b transfer/LCA for same client (same job location)?

I am with Employer X working for Client C and visa valid till end of 2017. I got an offer with Employer Y and they started my H1b Transfer process. Meanwhile I received another very good offer with Employer Z. My client is ready to provide client letter and i have no agreement/contract with X. Following are my queries:- 1) Can Z start with the h1b transfer process or have to wait for the result with Y? 2) Can Multiple LCA filing from two different employers for same client (same location) is possible? 3) Are there any chances that LCA from Z will be rejected since Y already got LCA approved for client C? 4) If LCA from Z is accepted and approved are there any chances that H1b transfer will be rejected/denied since Y already started the transfer process for same client C?

  1. They can happen in parallel

  2. Yes

  3. No impact of one on the other

  4. No impact of one on the other

Thanks saurabh for your valuable comments!!