Can the Valid H4 persons can travel to US, If the H1B is transferred to other company?

I am in H1, I have transfer to company A to B to C (Current company).

Now my validity on H1 is one and half year at C (Current company). But my A & B Visa have till 2018 MAR and OCT respectively.

I need Clarification on the below:

My Wife and Kid has H4 Visa through my company A of validity till MAR 2018. Can they travel with their old Visa or

they need to go for Stamping for the Company C or

They need to file H4 newly with the Company C?

Please let me know what to do?

At the moment they can travel on the previous H4 to india. While coming to US, i would recommend to get the new H4 stamped. Any ways by that time they need not to appear for visa interview. For sure they would fall under Visa Waiver program. The reason why i am asking you to get the new H4 stamping (even though you have the valid visa) is to avoid any kind of unknown things in future for perm or immigrant stuff(if you have any plans in mind)

They did not travel to US, They need to Travel from India to US.

Do they need to fill the DS160 and other procedures like; we do for the first time H4?

Yes. But they may be exempt from attending in person interview. DS-160 has to be filled and fees has to be paid, but they can avail dropbox facility

H4 fresh and H$4 stamping documentation process & fee is also the same?
What are all the documents we need to submit for DS-160 for H$ Visa Stamping my Wife and Kid?
My current i797 and my Current payslip? is sufficient?

yes, fees is same. Usually only I-797 is required but good to have supporting documents such as payslips and your US address proof.

Hi Meenakshi2015
Did your wife and kids go for the stamping a new visa from current company?
I am in the same situation and very confusing state whether to go for a new visa for my wife and kids.
Please let me know what was your experience