Can the I140 approved through my L1A (Eb1)be used for new H1b? If I can use this for new H1b, I can stay beyond 7 yrs?

I am currently on my L1A visa and filed in Eb1 for Green card. My I140 is approved at this moment. To process green card to the next level, I have to wait for Eb1 dates (India) to become current. But, by then I might be maxed out ( ie 2023). To avoid max out, I am planning to convert my current L1A to H1B visa and then USE my already approved I140 for my continued stay in US. My question is, will there be an issue in using already approved I140 through L1A to be used for H1B later ( assume that 2019 H1B lottery picks my case)? After getting H1B in lottery, should I again go through I140 process from the scratch ( labour , PERM etc ) ? Or I can use already approved one to extend further my new H1b?