Can the appointment be changed for a particular consulate?


My US visa interview appointment date is fixed for dec 29th in Kolkata because of the waiting time of 126 days. At the time of appointment booking, waiting time for Hyderabad was 116 days. Now, for hyderabad the waiting time showing is 13 days.

  1. Is there any chance, the waiting time will be changed for Kolkata and I can reschedule my appointment to a prior date?

2 .Can I change the consulate from Kolkata to Hyderabad? (my employer told that the consulate cannot be changed)

I would really appreciate your suggestion on this.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I think there is an option to reschedule interview once you login into your account. What does that do?

Your other option is to contact US travel docs support team and see their help in doing this.