Can someone transfer H1 after lottery

Hi All,

Good Morning! I have a question about the H1B transfer. One of my friends got his H1 application picked in the lottery. But he is with a different company now for which he is working as an FTE. Now is there a way to transfer the H1B to this new employer instead of going back to the previous employer for H1B?

H1B can’t be transferred unless it is first approved.

okay… what is the best option to get this H1B approved?

Your friend will need to talk to his/her H1B employer who filed the petition.

Talk about a new employment opportunity with them?

I would think the employer who filed for H1B should already have a bonafide job offer for your friend, right?

Unless there is a H1B job, how would the employer file for H1B petition?

H1B getting picked up in lottery is not enough. Once picked up in lottery, the employer will need to file the petition. Once the petition is approved by USCIS, then your friend need to start working for the employer. Then if he wants to change the job, he can transfer the H1B to another employer who is willing to offer him H1B job.

Does that make sense to you?