can send my dependents for H4 stamping ?

Hi All,

Kindly address my below Questions.

  1. can i send my family (wife and kid) for H4 visa stamping when my LCA status as ‘case received’ ?

  2. what is the time to get the approval of my LCA request, its been 2 week i see same status as ‘case received’?



Is this for a cap-subject H1 petition?

Dependents can appear for stamping only if primary H1’s petition has been approved. Do you know what’s the latest update on your I-129 petition? Do you have the receipt number?

I’m little confused here. my H1b case was approved long back and moved to new client, for this client my LCA status is ‘case received’.

ok. So this is for an amendment petition.

After getting the new LCA, the employer should have filed H-1 amendment. Do you know what its receipt number is. Can you track it online?

Advice for future queries - provide as much information as possible about your H-1 background as the answer may vary.

I’m not sure i can share the receipt number or not ,
when check the status online its says ‘case received’. the actual Q was, now can i send my family for H4 stamping or not? if i send them now any chances of denying the visa

I don’t need the receipt number but wanted the status.

Now, I can answer your original question as you provided all the information.

The dependents can appear for H-4 visa stamping using the previously approved H-1 petition, and copy of the amendment receipt. I assume you are working at the new location on the basis of amendment petition. So they should also carry employment letter showing the new location and any client/project information for the new location (if applicable).

LCA gets certified and not approved. So it would remain at current status. What is now important is amendment which you said is still “case received”. Track that.

Thanks a lot saurabh. you gave me very valuable details