Can same employer apply for my H1B? I am working in US with him on L1B

Hi All,

Currently I am working with employer A in US with L1B visa ,both Visa and I94 will be expired on 10 Sept.2013.So my question is:

Can my same employer A apply for my H1B visa through consular process while I am working with him in US in L1B visa .

He wants to file H1B visa through consular process in April 2013 i.e. for fiscal year 2014 so that I can continue my work on H1B visa after my H1B visa got stamped.

Please advise can it be possible?


Yes it is possible. Since it would be counslar processing you would not be able to continue after your I94 expiration date. You will need to move out of the country and get the visa stamped.