Can POST location on cgifederal website and DS-160 can be different?

Hello All,

Currently, I am trying to setup H1-B visa interview appointment on website. I have already filled and submitted a DS-160 form with Mumbai consulate as selected location for interview. While going through various steps on website, I have selected Mumbai as POST (infact it kind of selected for me when I put my state and city information). So far both DS-160 and the cgifederal have same location which is fine.

Now I am not sure if I will be able to get a desired visa interview date in Mumbai consulate. In this case, can I choose some other consulate or Delhi Embassy as my interview location (based on dates availability) even though my DS-160 would have Mumbai location. Would I need to fill out a new DS-160 in that case? Also, is it possible to choose some other post (location) on cgifederal website even though the suggested location based on my hometown is Mumbai?

I am sure that people must have asked this or a similar question on this forum before but I am not able to filter that information out.

Any help/advice will be most appreciated.

Thank You,