can my wife study in US while she is on H4 ?

Hi, I am moving to US on h1b. My wife will be joining me and she will be on h4. She has done her BA (Eng) and currently doing MA (Eng). She is in first year as of now. I just want to know what options does she have for studies in USA ? Like which degree she will be eligible for…etc. Please help.

She can pursue Masters in a field related to her…

She must change her visa to F1 to study

Your wife can study in US on H4 without any problem. But Indian three year degrees are not considered as bachelors degree in most of the US universities for masters. Since she has completed her one year of masters, they might consider her for doing masters in USA. I would suggest her to apply for F1 visa, once she gets admitted to college. On F1 she can do on campus jobs like, teachers assistant, Internships etc. The feeling of earing littlebit money while you study is great. CPT/OPT options are available for F1 students and not H4.

Go for only accredited, non Profit Universities (if Private - less tuition fee) if not go for public Universities (higher tuition fees) she can do MBA (many majors) MA etc.

changing to F1 is not necessary…but if she wishes to work on CPT it is helpful

Hi, thank you so much for the replying. will she have to clear any exam (like GRE OR something) for her studies in US ?

You will have to check w/ specific school on that. Some schools waive off the GRE based on your experience and reference letters. Others will be adamant about it.