Can my husband, a US citizen, sponsor my parents' visitor visa?

My parents are willing to visit the US to watch me graduate. I am an F1 student. My husband is a US citizen. Should I sponsor their visitor visa or should he? Which will likely lead to approval? Also, if they are coming here on a tourist visa, must they be sponsored? What is they are willing to take their own financial responsibility?

Yes, he can sponsor it. Besides you are a couple and it is ok to show your joint intent to invite and sponsor them.

Yes, the application is welcomed under the family unification program if your husband applies. However, a question routinely asked at embassies abroad is what guarantee exists that your parents will return to India after a visit and not stay back. Your husband has no defense for this question but you do. Your visa is DS, valid till duration of study. That itself is valid defense that your parents will not stay back, cannot do so etc. I suggest that you invite them and have your husband write a letter that not having your parents around is impacting your ability to focus on studies. Wish you all the best.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar


Colorado Heights University

Thanks for your replies. My related question is if they applied as a family (two separate applications, but each saying they are traveling with each other), will they always have to travel together? Can they not travel separately ever? I am assuming they’ll each get a visa on their individual passports. Please advise. Their travel plans have changed and they might not be able to travel together.