Can my family travel with my H1B Extension receipt? My h1B VISA extension is in progress.

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My H1B VISA will be expiring in Nov 2016. I will be applying for H4 dependent VISA for my family. Also I need to apply for extension of my VISA.

  1. Can I apply for extension before my family travels to US? Or should I apply for extension only after they reach US?

  2. Can my family travel to US while my extension is in progress? Can they travel with my VISA extension receipt?

Please suggest.

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When does your family plan to appear for H-4 visa interview, and when do they plan to enter US?

Their PA interview is yet to be scheduled.

I am planning to bring them by the end of Oct 2016.

If you are able to get the dates then go ahead and have them go for stamping now. Once they enter US in Oct, have extensions applied for everyone - you and family.

During interview if asked about upcoming H1 expiration date, they can reply that employer plans to apply for extension for everyone as soon as they enter US, so that they all are processed together.

Thanks Saurabh.

My Employer is saying that dependents need to have minimum of 2 months of VISA validity for filing the extension.
Is that true?
What is the minimum validity required for filing the extension of Dependents?

Please suggest.

My Employers Comments:
“They should travel to US with minimum 2 months of visa validity and submit the extension documents quickly.”

There is no such USCIS prescribed limits. However, the employer may be asking for this so that they have enough time to prepare the documents and file it timely.