Can my employer file my H1B extention while I work in India


I have a valid H1b visa expiring Aug 2014. Currently I’m in USA and planing to go back to my country - India by end of this year. I will continue working with my current employer in India thoughout next year.

Now my question is that can my employer file my H1b extention (say in feb or march 204)while I work in india? Is it mandatory for an employe to stay in USA for visa extention.

Thanks for your help in advance!



Yes!you have to be here in USA if you are applying for extension and you have to wait here in USA till you gey approval.if you leave USA while petision is pending in process,it will be revoked automatically …so better apply for extension with premium process(extra $1200apprx) and get approval within 20-25 days and than go back to home country and get visa stamped and than u can stay there for while as per your plan.