Can my dependent go for an H4 Visa stamping, whereas my H1B has another 2 months until it expires?

I’m getting married on this May’17 and by the time of my marriage I’ll be having only 2 months of VISA validity, but still can my wife go for an H4 VISA stamping? And my employer has agreed to apply mine and my wife’s extension as soon as we come back to US (i.e. on 10th June’17). Thanks.​

Yes, you can certainly do. But in order to reduce some uncertainities, you can apply for your H1 extension and have the receipt in hand before you wedding. This way if questioned on the time, she can mention that extension has been initiated at the time of interview. After she comes over, you can initiate her extension too, based on your receipt notice number. Check with your company lawyer on your options.