can my company apply premium h1b visa for me for current year

Hi, I am working for a product company in bangalore. My company is planning to relocate me to us for long term. If my company wants me to travel to us this year itself then what are the options available in terms of visa. Can my family appear for the dependents visa interview along with me. Thanks for the help in advance. Thanks, Amit

no not this year if you have never had H1B.

can try for L1

Thanks for the response. When can I travel at the earliest if I need to travel on h1 visa.

Please tell me the processing times for premium h1b visa.

Thanks for the help in advance

earliest you will be able to travel on H1B is Oct 2014. Apply by Apr 2014.
Premium processing will only hasten the process of approval or denial but you can start only after oct 2014

Thanks a lot for prompt response.

In that case fastest would be l1 visa.
Can you please let me know the time frame for l1 processing.

Currently I am working for company A and company B wants to process my l1.

Do I need to join company B for getting a l1 visa or can we get it before joining.

I had worked for company B for two years and quit few months back.

Thanks for the help in advance.

To get L1 Visa: You should be working for Company B for atleast 1 year. It is an intra-company transfer.
Just see the rules on L1 requirement on internet, you will be clear.

Thanks for the clarifications.