Can my company apply fir an h1b while i am a student?

Hi, I completed my bachelors back in Turkey. Then I went to a college to get a certificate program in california. I am in my opt right now and working for a start up. My opt ends on feb 13th, 2015. But h1b applications starts on april and we get the results on october, so I have a big gap. Since i haven’t studied engineering i cannot extent my visa. i studied marketing. I was thinking i would apply for a masters program or to a berkeley extension. I know i cannot work while i am in a student visa but i can work as a volunteer or stop working for them until i get the h1b. While my study can my company apply for an h1b for me? thank you

H1 can be applied for u… Find an employer who can sponsor H1 for u…

Yes, an employer may file an H-1B petition on your behalf while you are in F-1 status.