can multiple employers apply H1B

Two employers are going to file H1B for 2016.

can I accept both offers? can I attend for both interviews if my petitions got picked from lottery can I attend for the other interview if any one got rejectedPlease tell me if there is any consequences on these permutations

Thanks in Advance…

There are TWO main role players of H1B visa: Employer(The US company which is filing your petition) and Employee(you). By all means, YOU must be well qualified for the H1B eligibility. Once its in place, ANY legal US employer(s) can file your H1B petition. Any Number of US employers can file for you at the same time.

Having said that, you can accept any number of job offers, you can attend for ANY/ ALL/NONE of those approved visa interviews. All cases are legal. There is no impact of one on the other AS LONG AS the employer, employee and the job offer all are legal.