Can Marriage certificate suffice as adequate proof of marriage


I will be appearing for a joint H1/H4 Visa Interview along with my wife (I being the H4 applicant)at the Mumbai Embassy .As a proof of marriage I will be taking my marriage certificate .We have our Registered marriage at the Magistrate office few days prior to the interview.

My question is does the Marriage Certificate suffice as adequate proof of marriage especially if court marriage is ONLY what we intend to do primarily due to time constraints as my wife wants to spend enough time with both her parents and in-laws.I have come across instances where its suggested on the forum that one should carry pictures around the sacred fire (“phera”,as per Indian tradition) and carry wedding invitation card. Is it the only option? If no than cant we have pictures that we can click while signing in the register in the court? Any other Ideas please help!!

Please suggest.
Your help on this will be highly appreciated .

Just to add ,I will be doing registered court marriage in front of the magistrate and not just the marriage certificate which I will get issued from the court (the normal case how people do after doing the marriage with rituals and ceremony)

The Hindu Marriages Act 1955 document issued by magistrate is the only document needed. Please note that USCIS cannot question a legitimate legal document issued by Indian government and needs to accept it as final binding evidence of the marriage. Albums, photos and videos are great to carry but of no use, officers do not look at those. Have your wife freshen the henna on her hand and wear the full set of bangles indicating that you guys are newly wed (congrats by the way!!).

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

Thank you Mr. Shankar,it pretty much clears my doubts.

I am in same boat. How was your experience, Nishit?