can language be USA student visa denial basis

Can a student visa to USA be denied if candidate is not fluent in English,even if he has good financial background,good educational background with distinction?Does the US consulate speak with typical american accent that we can see in movies?

& In general,can american native people’s accent cause problem?

It’s not necessary to have an american accent, but communication skills are neede. u must understand the question and answer properly

Language can be a denial basis only for student visas ( F1 and J1). For that reason ILTES and TOEFL are required. It cannot be a basis for denial for H1/H4 or B1/B2 visas

Chennai consulate has been known to ask this rude question " you can’t even speak basic English, how do you think you will survive in the United States?" the answer simply is “I know my English is not perfect but given enough time in the United States, I am sure it will improve.” Accent and grammatics are not grounds for denial but over-confidence can be punished at times. Be polite.

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