Can L2's Admit till date on I-94 be different than L1's Admit till date ?

Hi All,

I am here on L2 visa and yet to apply for EAD. I would request the forum to suggest… How do I proceed applying for EAD.

My case is explained below.

L1- ‘Admit until date’ on I-94 is 23-Jun-2016 (It is because the L1 blanket petition date expires on 27th-Jun-2106. It would be renewed as the project is for longer term)

L2- ‘Admit until date’ on I-94 is 22-Sep-2018 (No idea why am I given the ‘Admit till date’ same as my visa expiry date. As per my knowledge, L2’s Admit till date should be same as L1’s)

Do I need to worry about the ‘Admit till date’ mentioned above, get that corrected and then apply for EAD?

Has any of you in the forum faced similar situation and if Yes How did you get it corrected?

Also if this date difference is not an issue and if you suggest me to go ahead submitting I-765, my question is…

Would it be better I wait till the L1 petition and I-94 of L1 is renewed? My study after going through the forum is- It takes more than 90 days to get the EAD approved and by the time I get my EAD, it will be end of April 2016 and the validity date would be obviously till the end date of current L1 petition(23rd –Jun-2016). I need to run behind renewal of EAD immediately after I receive it.

Is there a way I submit I-765 now and send the renewal copy of L1 petition and renewed I-94 of L1 later during the EAD approval process so that the validity of EAD is considered based on the renewed I-94 of L1.



Even though you received extended I-94 (I think you entered US in Sep 2015), you cannot stay beyond spouse’s I-94 expiration date.

USCIS will issue EAD based on spouse’s I-94 as it is expiring prior to yours.

You have two options:

  1. File for EAD now and get it for a shortened duration. Once spouse’s L-1 is extended, file for your EAD extension

  2. Get spouse’s I-94 extended first (maybe in premium processing). Once approved, file for your EAD