Can L1 to H1 COS get cancelled or can it be reverted



I need urgent help with this issue. 


I am working on L1B visa with company A. Last year I filed for L1 to H1 COS with company B and it was approved in October 2012. My I-94 date is may 2013. Now company A is also going to file COS for me and also going for I-94 date extension. 


Please help me with following questions. 


1. Can COS and I-94 extension files by company A get approved? Or it will be rejected?

2. What will be my status if COS and date extension is rejected?

3. Is it possible to cancel the COS done by company B?

4. What options are available for me?


Any help is appreciated. 



What is your current status ? If L1 to H1 COS was approved last October you should have switched to company B or travel out of country and come back on A’s L1.

I am still working for company A. But my COS is approved so i think my current status is H1. Can I still Travel to india and come back on L1? What options do I have now? Can COS be reverted?

Your status changes automatically to H1 from the start date mentioned in the petition (October 2012 in your case) after COS is approved and if you haven’t traveled out of country. Once your status changes to H1 its not legal to work with the L1 employer. Within first couple of weeks, of approval, if you travel out and come back again on L1 it could have worked, but since it is almost 5 months since your status has changed you should get in touch with an attorney ASAP.