Can initiate h1b2014 in April 1st week.please reply.its very urgent

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My manager has not initated by H1B visa for 2014 .Is there any chances if i can initiate it and approx time to approve all the documents?

Is there any chances or me to initiate H1 B for 2014 year?

Is cab close for 2014 year,or i have still a chance to apply for h1b- 2014

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There is no data about the cap yet. We wil know on April 8(but most probably it will close soon as per the USCIS prediction news).

If we assume that the cap remains open till April 15 or later, you still have time to file

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If my manager initiate H1b by 4thapril…will it be a chance for me count self for h1b 2014 cab.
Please reply asap.

As I said, we would know only by April 8 (if USCIS declares that there is no lottery)

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Can i go for applying H4 visa (my spouse h1b got stamped) and after that is there any chance for me to file h1b application as i want to work in US…and in that case will my H4 application is valid or not?

Also how much time it will take to get H4 visa stamped ,as my spouse need to travel by Dec 2013, so that i can travel with him as a dependent?

You can travel with your spouse in Dec 2013 on H4 visa. Once you are in US, you can apply for H1B when the cap opens in 2014. You can apply for stamping, normally the whole process takes around less than a month

okk…but I and my spouse work in same company and my manager is not initiated my h1b 2014. so had left with no option other than to go on H4 with my husband. But if i go on H4 ,I had to leave my job or will be on Leave Without Pay(LWP) and then in that case How can i file for H1b?

My company will not file my h1b i guess if i am on LWP also? Is i need to consult through any consultancy services for it?
Thanks a lot for replying to my queries…

ASAP need guidance…

Cap is over for now. You can still travel to US on H-4 and later have it filed in next year’s cap (April 2014).