Can I work on my This H1??

I am Sanchit and in a situation where i am not able to decide what to do. My H1B was approved in 2008 when i was in london and i had interview in Oct,2008 in US Embassy at london. i got 221(g) white…and was told that its under admin processing. My i797 was valid till 2011 which was for 3 years. I tried calling them a lot in this particular period but always was told to wait as still under admin processing. As its 2014, i am planning to move on H4 visa(approved) in coming January. Here what i would like to know : 1. After being there in USA on H4 - dependent on my wife, as once my H1B was approved through A Company, if there is any way through which A Company or any other B Company can claim or apply for my H1B and i can get 1797 in a shorter time without going through lottery system so that i could be eligible to work or do i have to start the whole process again without considering my previous H1B USCIS Approval and wait until march for the H1B process. Please help me in this and i highly appreciate for your advice and concern.


I also got this message on my user wall. What was the outcome of the 221g status in 2008? There might be some options despite statute of time limit expiration.

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Thanks Sir for your reply,
Below are the details mentioned in the 221-g

“Further action on my Non-immigrant was suspended under section-221g, pending additional admin processing… This may take 60 days to complete the process.” Three points were mentioned :

  1. This processing cant be waived and we cant issue issue until the processing is complete
  2. You will be notified by email when we are able to proceed with your application.
  3. You are not required to schedule an other interview to continue with your application."

It was 221-g white slip.
So till now there is no reply from their end. My current I-797 status on USCIS still shows that my petition was approved in June,2008 for 3 years till Sept,2011 (checked today).

  • So Can any employer make use of this Petition under H1 exempt.
  • What other alternatives that I can proceed to make myself eligible for work in US.