can i work in usa as a freelancer on h4 visa

Hi ,

My husband is going on-site and he is on H1b and am also planing to go but currently working with a consultancy and they don’t have any branches in usa and I don’t want to lose my job. I want to know about career options in USA . As far as I know I can not work in USA if i’m on H4 visa ,but can I work as a freelancer for indian companies ? If not, how can I get H1 for my self?



U are not allowed to work on H4 as of now, It’s Illegal…

However, there is a Bill pending in US Senate regarding this, if it’s passed there might be chances of working on H4…

Another option is to be on H4 till next year and find a sponsor/employer who can file H1B for U and start working from Oct 1st of that year

working on H4 is illegal and not allowed . why not try finding one in this year and apply h1 that way you can start working from 1-oct-2014. you might get few sponsors if you are already in US on H4.

thx for the info. As far as I know for getting an H1B , one should be specialized in technical or medical/ law etc , but my profile is into HRM ,I don’t know if am eligible for applying H1B or not ?? plz help

May be search for past H-1 filings to see if any of those were HR consulting companies. If yes, then approach them for H-1 filing.

As most of the H-1 applications are from IT, it may be difficult and may require you to start the groundwork now.