Can I work for an employer other than the one my H1B petition was selected?

Let’s say my H1B petition is selected through company A, but I wanted to work for company B. Is it possible to join company B with the company A H1B stamping if company B is willing to apply for a transfer? I mean not working for company A even for a day. Please advise

Sorry if this the old discussed topic.

Yes. Visa is independent of any employer even if it has employer name on it. So you can travel with your current visa as far as it is valid, even if your H1B sponsoring employer change.

Thanks Kalpesh!

I am in US working on TN. Can I still do that being inside US?

You mean change employer on TN visa? You question was for H1B.

Yes, the question is still about H1-B. I am inside US working on TN and planning to apply for H1-B to start my green card process. The question is that I can still work for my current employer with H1-B stamping from a different company if my employer willing to transfer?

Sorry for confusion. Thanks

Yes, any employer can transfer once H1B is approved.

Great! Thanks for your time Kalpesh