Can I? with Good acads and GRE but poor certificates.

I have completed B.E and now i am doing job. I want to go US for MS. I have good academic score and i can get good score in gre and tofel. But i dont have any certificates or presentations to my name nor i have good contacts with my college lecturers for good LOR. With this status of mine where do i stand in getting admission in a good college and scholorship as well.

it all depends on where you apply. each university has different criteria. but if u have good score and grades your chances are higher

Admission in any school is a holistic decision and does not just depend on one thing. If you have right things in place, your chances are higher. You do NOT have to hold back from applying just because you do not have extra curricular things or LORs. Read this article : How to get scholarships in USA for Graduate School