Can I visit India with my H4 visa although I have a H1b approval ?

Presently I am on H4 and I have applied for my H1b in the 2013 quota and hope I would be getting the approval soon.

I need to visit India in November 2012. Can I go to India with my H4 visa (Without starting my work on H1b) and come back with H4 stamping and then start my work on H1b.

Is there any other possible way by which I can Visit India with no harm to my H1b visa.

If you have applied H1B w/ COS and your COS got approved along with H1B, I think your status would automatically change to H1 on 1st of October and in that case you will have to start working on that date and get paid. However, you may travel to India and come back on stamped H1B - but you cannot delay the start date.

If you applied w/o COS, I think you could do as you mentioned - go to India, come back on stamped H4 or H1B and then start working. If you come back on H4, then you'll have to file COS to start working on H1B.