Can i use H1B after empolyer switch in India

I am working in a Bank Of America project in TCS . My H1B petition got selected in the recent May 2015 lottery .

Can I switch to another company and get the unstamped H1B transferred , once the petition is approved.

1) Can TCS impose any Limitation on using the H1B in another company (or) different project in same company. Like it must used for only BoA client.

2) Once petition is approved even if TCS withdraws it , it’ll still be cap exempt?

You can, but you should not:

So we can transfer after Oct 1st?

Just wait for the TCS petition approval and then file the transfer. Visa is not specific to any sponsor nor for working for any specific client, you can transfer it to any employer with a proper client opportunity.

Thanks mate… Actually my stupid BoA Delivery Manger said so… :slight_smile:
If TCS gets it stamped do I need to get it re-stamped after change in employer?

No you will not need to go for re-stamping, you can enter US with stamping from present company and an approval notice from the company that transferred your visa.

What if they don’t approve it? Can the new employer send for stamping?