Can i travel US with H1b stamped but to location B with only new LCA

My h1b got stamped in Oct 2015 for A my company is sending me to B location with with same client

But only issued new LCA and They say amendment will be filled once I reach B location after getting I94

This is my first visit to USA.please advise

1.if filing and amendment from Offshore is mandatory or

2.Amendment can be filed after reachin B location?

3.Or if the new LCA is enough to travel?

The person should start working at new location only after an amendment has been filed. You may run into following issues this way:

  1. At PoE, they may question why you are entering at B when your H-1B is approved for location A

  2. USCIS can issue RFE while processing the amendment asking why you started working at B even before amendment was filed.

Did the employer consult their attorney before suggesting to go this route?

Thank you very much Saurabh for response .My employer says they will file the amendment as soon as i get I94 and ,and having new LCA is sufficient.

If your employer is suggesting that based on an experienced attorney’s input, then go for it. They are the ones responsible for providing you most accurate information.