Can I travel to US with H1 Amendment in pending status?

Hi ,

I have a Valid H1 B stamped on Nov-2015 for Client A, but didn’t travel to US then.

Now I got assignment with Client B in a different location - my employer (Original petitioner) remains same.

An LCA is filed and certified in a week.

H1 Amendment is filed in premium but the client is not willing to wait for two weeks.

Can I travel to US with H1 Amendment being in pending state(its going to be my first visit to US)?

Many Thanks!

Hi, I am in the same situation as yours. Could you please update on what happened with your case. Did you travel? What procedures you followed. Please help.


Me too in same situation. Please help by updating on your case…Were you able to travel in this scenario?..

hi chintak,

I am same situation. kindly help me understand was this travel successful?