Can I travel to US with existing valid F1 visa or need to re-appear for F1 visa reinstatement?

Dear Friends, I had been to US 2014 Fall to pursue MBA in HULT International Business School, San Francisco. I was there for one module and then I got my sevis transfer to another university but, due to some unfortunate circumstances I couldn’t continue there I had to come to India. I guess my sevis would have been terminated and I am out of status now. My F1 visa is valid till 21-Aug-2019. To go back to US next time do I have to re-apply for new F1 visa since my sevis record has been terminated or can I use my existing student visa since it’s valid till 2019 by just getting new i20 from an university or do I have to apply for F1 status reinstatement? Can you please provide me your inputs?

Your visa stamp in passport is valid for travel till 2019 and a new visa application is not needed at present time. All you need is an updated SEVIS record and the new I-20 issued by the host school.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,,

Sir I have also same case like that I have also get f1 visa on March 2015 for university of findlay before orientation I transfer to bir training center in chicago for English course because I thought I english is little weak and I m not attend the orientation in this school also as well because my mother admit in hospital she is in icu thats why I withdrawal my admission this school and come back to india. now want to go back to usa for my further studies so I talk to my school they told me my sevis record has been terminated I have to take new I20 with new sevis fee and pay sevis fee they told me I not need to apply new visa so tell me if I go with new I20 with new sevis no and old visa any problem is there please help me