Can I travel to US when h1 visa transfer is in RFE

I was working in US for Employer A until last week. Now I am back in India. During my stay in US, I got an offer from Employer B and they filed my visa transfer. However, my employer (Emp A) called me back to India during that time when visa transfer was still in progress. I did not join Employer B at that time although I had the receipt number with me.

Today my attorney has received RFE on my case and they need to submit client letter.

Employer B is suggesting me to travel back to US on Employer A’s visa (which is valid until October 2014) next week and join Employer B. They said we will respond to RFE once I join them so they can submit my new I-94 along with that.

So my question is :

  1. Is it legal to enter US on Employer A’s Visa and start working with Employer B where the case is still in RFE?

If yes, what should I tell at the Port of Entry?

  1. Would my returning back to India impact my I-94 extension?

Please advise asap. It is very very urgent.