Can I travel to previous location after H1B amendment is approved for new location?

Hello Everyone. Need URGENT help please !

My H1B petition was approved for Fairfield, Connecticut for X client. Now my client and location has changed to Atlanta, Georgia with Y client. My visa got stamped in May-2015 but due to the new law effective 9-Apr-2015 to amend the petition if there is change in the location, amendment process started in Jun-2015

I didn’t received the receipt notice for the amendment filed due to which it was upgraded under premium processing and case got approved on 4-Sep-2015 but till now I didn’t received any document - Neither “Receipt Notice” nor the “Approval Notice” even after 1 month

My concerns:

Is it possible that USCIS didn’t send the receipt notice first and even after upgrading it to premium, now “Approval Notice” is not received after 1 month time the case has been approved?Can I travel to prior location/client i.e. Fairfield, Client X ? (My amendment case to new location/client is approved)Under premium processing does USCIS send the “Approval Notice” by e-mail or not because my attorney is denying that he received any such document?

Give it another 2 weeks. Either way your attorney should follow up and ensure the approval notice is received.

But I don’t understand why you want to travel to old client location? Haven’t you started working for new client already?