Can I travel to India with my 24 month STEM extension ?


I am working with a desi consultancy on a client location. I had applied for a 24 months OPT STEM extension and have received the 24month extension (the EAD card which expires in 2018). My question is can I travel to India on this time ? Knowing new rules is it safe for me to travel and have no problem in Immigration ?? My consultancy has its address in Missori (MO) and that is what is printed on my i-20. But my client location is in Webster, New York . Will this cause any problems ? My I-983 form does mention that I am working for the client with all the client address and all location information. it had my consultancy address on it as well as the client address. I am planning to go to india for 2 weeks in December. Should the Port of Entry matter ? Please advise. Let me know if you need more information.