Can I travel to India while my H1B amendment + extension is in process ?

Hi All,

Need your help, I am currently working for XYZ employer in U.S and released from my client (current petition is for this client) and moved to a new location where I have submitted my new amendment along with my visa extension as it is getting expired on June 2018. I am running in a situation where I may have to travel to India due to some family emergency. I may return back to U.S after 2-3 weeks. Below are the detail of my H1B status.

  1. I-797B is valid June 2018

  2. VISA will get expire on June 2018. But started extension process along with new amendment.

  3. I-94 will expire on June 2018

  4. Still waiting for my receipt number. But I can no longer wait as I have to travel back to INDIA very soon.

  5. My employer is not ready to approve for premium process and as per the policy employee is not allowed to pay for his/her premium visa processing.

Request you to answer few of my questions.

  1. My concern is if I should/can travel in this situation.

  2. If i get my receipt number before my travel, it is sufficient to come back in US as i have valid i-94 and visa validity.