Can I travel to India on approved H4 extension & my H1 is in process?

I have approved H4 extension and my H1B is in process for April 2014.I am planning to visit India in June

My Questions are:

1)If I am travelling to India then I have to go for H4 stamping while coming back as I don't have stamped H4 Visa?

If so there will be any problem for my H4 stamping as my H1B visa is also in process?

2)If my H1B visa is approved then while returning from India I need to go for H4 extension stamping or H1 Visa stamping?

If I am going for H1 stamping then can I come back to USA before October 2014?
  1. Yes, U must go for stamping… It doesnt affect ur H1 in any way

  2. That’s Ur wish… If Ur job is ready, U can go for H1 Stamping… U can come US on or after Sep 21st after stamping… If u r planning to come US early, go for H4 stamping