Can I travel to India during H1B amendment processing?

My H1B petition is valid till May 2016. My employer has filed for an H1B amendment for a change in Location and I have the receipt notice for it.Can I travel to India for November to December 2015 while the amendment is still in progress? I have a certified LCA for the current location I am working in, my employer and end-cleint as well remains same.

is your current visa valid till may 2016? if yes, then it shouldn’t be a problem since your employer isn’t changing.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the current petition is valid till May 2016. The only change expected in the new petition is the location being changed from Dallas,TX to Norwalk,CT. I have been working in Norwalk for the past one year.The change is being done only because of a new ruling where the location change needs an amendment and not just an LCA.I had an LCA,but now my petiton too is getting updated.

I understand that your current petition is valid till May 2016, but is your visa stamped till the same date? If yes, then it shouldn’t be a problem. If not, you will have to appear for stamping again

Hi, I have the same case…my old petition is valid till 2017 and Visa too valid till 2017. My Amendment is filed in September due to change of location and it is within 10 miles, just change of zip cde, employer is still same. I am travelling to India in November. Will there be any issue at the port of entry while returning and what documents shall I take with me? Also, do you know someone who did it in the last month or so?

Any updates, did you travel or not? I am also sailing in the same boat so I am curious.


Can you share your experience @kariachintan about this as i am also planning to travle and am in the same situation.

I travelled and there was no problem in my case. They just checked my visa and let me in. However this is last year.

Yes, I travelled back then and there were no issues.My existing visa’s expiration date was 5 months after my return date.I returned to US in Dec 2015 while my expiration date was May 2016. All this while my petition was under amendment. it was approved in Mar 2016