Can i travel to india during H1 B transfer

Recently i moved to my new employer and he filed for my H1B transfer and the process will take around 3 months.

During this three months, can i travel to India for any emergency issues. Will it be a problem if i travel to India.

No there shouldn’t be any problem. Your attorney needs to send a notification to USCIS about your change of address.

But there is no gurantee that a regular I-129 application will be done within 3 months - it may take even 6 months as well. If you already have a stamped H1-B visa, you may still be able to enter US showing the stamped (unexpired) visa and the new I-129 petition application receipt (but please consult with an experienced immigration attorney in your area or your new H1-B attorney), otherwise you’ve to wait till the petition gets approved and need to go for stamping in a consulate.

P.S. This is not a legal advice.