Can I travel to India before Cap-Gap starts?

I am currently on F1. My OPT Stem Ext will be expiring on July 16, 2013. My H1 B got approved for 2 years. My H1 B would start from Oct 1, 2013. Can I travel to India now and come back on July 1, 2013 prior to my OPT expiration? Or if I travel to India some time in July, I am planning to stay back till Oct, get my H1 B stamped and come back. My question is can I go for stamping if I do not have a job offer in hand? When is the right time to travel once? Please suggest me. Thanks.

You can travel while still in OPT but should not travel when on cap-gap. If you travel on cap-gap, then you have to get H-1 visa stamped and return around Oct 1.