Can I travel to India after I have got my H4 to H1 visa stamped?


I am in US on H4 visa and have applied for a H1B petition which has got selected and I hope to get the H1B stamping done effective 1st october 2013. Can I travel to India on a job vacation after that (e.g Feb 2014)?

Yes, you can travel in Feb 2014. No new stamping will be required if the current H-1 visa stamp has not expired. You will still need to carry employment related documents to enter US after your vacation.

thanx Saurabh

I have another doubt. By 1st October 2013 though i will have my H1B approved but the stamping will not be done as I will be in US. Once I go to India in Feb 2014 do I need to get my H1B stamping done before retuning to US on H1B. And if the stamping is to be done what are the chances of rejection as I already have an H4 stamped.

Yes, you will need visa stamping before returning to US. There is always a chance of running into issues during stamping.