Can I travel on my existing valid H1B visa when I have already got the extension approved?

I have my current visa valid till Feb 2023. I got my extension approved beyond that date.

  1. Can I travel to India now with my existing visa and come back before Feb 2023, without going for stamping?
  2. If that’s possible and when I re-enter US, will my I-94 get updated with the new dates from my new H1B extension approval notice?
  3. If my I-94 doesn’t get updated at the port of entry, can I still remain/work in US with the new I-94 dates included in the I797 approval notice or do I need to exit the country and come back?



You may still get the I-94 to match your current I-797 expiry however the I-94 attached to the new I-797 will supercede the one issued by CBP.

Yes, answered above and no need to exit and come back.

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