<Can I travel on H1-B to company-B by using Company-A visa>

I got petition thru Company-A and stamped. Both petition and Visa valid till 30thSep2013. I have not travelled to USA. Now Company-B from USA has filled petition for me in premium mode. If new petition is approved -

  1. Yes, you can travel to USA without going for new stamping.

  2. I cannot really say. But I would suggest you to travel 30 days prior to the expiry date.

  3. Yes. They cannot cancel your visa but they can revoke your H1B. I would NOT reccommend to tell your current employer about the new filing. Believe me it is not worth it though it is ethical to tell them about it. You can always do it, as soon as you step in to USA. They cannot give you any trouble to get the new stamping. They wouldn’t even know if you go for a new stamping.

  4. This is little tricky. Simply put, you can work to Company-A as long as the petition with B is under process. But once the petition with B gets approved, in order for it to take effect, your payroll needs to run with B. I cannot answer you on ‘changing the job to B after 6 months’.

  5. There is a site called ‘murthy dotcom’ where you can post your question the same way and wait for someone to respond. OR by little digging into USCIS, you may find the answers.

Hope that helps. Please note that I’m not an expert, I tried my best with 7yr experience living in USA and 4yr experience on H1B.

Good Luck!

Thanks a lot Tarun,